Saturday, November 24, 2012

Semi Formal

I recently had my semi-formal, and I thought I would write I quick post showing you guys what I wore! I'm wearing this black strapless skater dress from I love this dress because it flatters most body types.  It flatters the bust and waist (the waist being the smallest part of your torso), and hides the stomach and hip, which are usually trouble spots for most.  I decided to wear berry coloured shoes to give my outfit a little pop of colour.

I went to semi with my boyfriend, Daniel, and he was wearing all black with a berry tie to match my shoes.  The berry tie matched perfectly with my berry coloured shoes, giving us as great colour coordination!


  1. U both look great! Your dress is realy adorable, good choice! Nice post, keep on creating;)
    Have a happy time!

    Best wishes, Alexandra

  2. you guys are adorable!!


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  4. so pretty :)
    great blog :)
    following u, hope you do the same, kisses